In order for me to devise a practical exercise/consumption plan for you personally, it is important for me to know about your habits, tastes, time restraints, present activity level, exercise routine, etc. In defining your lifestyle modification, it is helpful to know your present habits; the good and the bad!!

Your first visit will involve an ELG (body composite analysis), measurements of your entire body, and weight. We will discuss a reasonable goal weight to be achieved.


After careful analysis of your personal information and lifestyle habits, an eating/exercise plan will be recommended and implemented. All plans are based on the Canada Food Guide and your individual requirements. You do not have to count calories, take pills or meal replacements, or buy food from LIFEWISE. We will keep track of your food consumption. You will receive a LIFEWISE information package consisting of daily record sheets, food serving lists, shopping guide and tips, and an abundance of other useful resource information to aid and educate you in achieving the lifestyle modification required to achieve your new goals.

Each week there will be a different theme that you will receive information on. LIFEWISE has a mandate to educate and inform; to teach components involved in  the new lifestyle so that it can be maintained throughout your life.


This phase is generally 3 months, but can be extended if you feel you need it. It involves the gradual climb towards food consumption that will maintain your weight. You are no longer reducing; you are now maintaining … hopefully throughout your life.

Thank You for contacting Lifewise. I will respond to your email as soon as possible.

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