Month: January 2012

  • If you consider yourself a “carb addict” you should read this….

    I hear these all the time, “I am addicted to carbs”, “I need to eat a lot of carbs”, “I crave bread”, “I crave sugar”…… If you are consuming poor quality carbohydrates on a regular basis, yes, you will crave them. What is happening is your blood sugar is being manipulated  dramatically by the simple […]

  • Healthy Salad Dressings

    Maple Vinaigrette ¼ c exra virgin organic olive oil ¼ c balsamic vinegar ¼ c maple syrup (REAL) ¼ c Dijon mustard 1+ tsp crushed garlic About 30 calories (condiment) per Tablespoon You may double or triple if you like. Keep refrigerated. Caesar 3 Tbsp lite mayo 3 tbsp lemon juice 3 oz water ½ […]

  • Wheat and Type 1 Diabetes

    This article from the Wheat Belly Blog shares yet another  convincing argument against the consumption of today’s wheat! If you find this article interesting, you may want to read “Wheat Belly” , by William Davis, MD. As well as great information and convincing science and research, the book also has some great wheat free recipes!

  • Common Foods You may not digest well and not even know it!

    This Body Ecology Article may give you some insight as to why you are bloated, constipated, moody, lacking energy or just not feeling great!

  • Diet Myth #1: When you’re watching your weight, you have to eat less.

    No way! We say NO growling bellies, NO deprivation, and NO puny portions. We fill up our plates with healthy food, so the eyes and the stomach are satisfied. When it comes to eating right, losing weight, and feeling satisfied after a meal, it comes down to one word: satiety. Satiety (suh-TIE-uh-tee) is that wonderfully pleasant […]


    Resolution time; clean up time; promises to oneself abound!! Keep it simple, don’t set yourself up for failure. Make a timeline with specific goals within that timeline, one at a time. Only resolve to do what you know is attainable. Set mini-goals, then expand on them. Seek support and education to help you achieve those […]