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Self Talk for Self Sabotage


No One is perfect. There will always be times of moderate to extreme temptation. If we give in to this temptation, we can save the day by balancing out at other meals the extra food group we have consumed.


We should, however, always try to NOT give in. Here are a number of conversations we can have with ourselves to talk ourselves out of giving in:


1/ NOTHING, I MEAN NOTHING, tastes as good as  healthy/fit feels!!!


2/ NO food is going extinct!! It will be there tomorrow, next month, next year, whenever your weight loss journey is complete, it WILL be there.


3/ A small occasional treat is ok, IF, and only IF, you can stop at a reasonable amount. If you know that having a little sugar, or a few chips, will lead to a binge, tell yourself this, and don’t even start.


4/ Think about how you are going to feel AFTER you have finished eating the badness. Mentally, you feel guilty, remorseful and like a loser (but not a weight loss loser!); physically, you feel drained, bloated and possibly a little nauseous! Doesn’t seem worth it does it???


5/ Reading the label on the bad food you are tempted to eat can be a deterrent; chips= 1 gram of fat per chip…Imagine, 10 chips, 10 grams of fat; is it really worth it???


6/  Think of alternate healthy choices to satisfy your cravings.


Sweet craving- Source dessert yogurt, fruit (with dip even!), vanilla yogurt with 2 tbsp blue menu granola, sugar free pudding, ff/sugar free jello made with yogurt instead of water, a lifewise muffin with jam, Silver Hills toast with honey or jam, a chocolate vitamuffin (freezer, Health food section), Chai tea with stevia and milk…


Salty Craving- so you want chips…there are so many alternates!! Popcorn, baked nachos, baked chips, rice cakes, rice crackers, Bulk Barn has loads of baked snacks…cheesies and more…

Rice crackers, thinly sliced cheese or low fat cream cheese, and red/hot pepper jelly can go a long way to satisfy salty, sweet and crunchy cravings!


Crunchy craving- you likely can satisfy this (more of a physical thing) by gnawing on raw veg, with dip if you like!! By eating veg, you don’t have to worry about going over on your food groups! Try to have a good mix of green and colored, or just green as colored veg like carrots have more sugar. Choose a light dressing/dip.

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Boost Your Immunity

Cold and flu season ARE here! There a number of things we can all do to boost our immunity:

1/ Take vitamin D, no ifs, and or buts! Vitamin D3 has many benefits, the most profound being its effectiveness at boosting our immune systems. Available in drop or pill form, take a minimum of 1000 iu’s /day. Cod or halibut liver oil contain vitamin D2 and vitamin A. This is a welcome compliment to your regime, but you should still take D3 as it is more easily absorbed by your body.

2/ Omega 3 from fish oil; another must!  It’s anti-inflammatory component benefits us in compounding ways. Take 1000-3000 mgs daily. (Higher end for anyone with arthritis or other inflammatory dis-ease) I like Iceland Purity or Nutra-Sea. With fish oil, you get what you pay for, so don’t look for the cheapest one!

3/ Vitamin C. This water soluable vitamin will flush out what is not needed. We lose most vitamin c in the preparation of our food, and during the colder  months do not have access to fresh, organic produce. Take 1000 mgs/day, with bio-flavanoids (quercitin, rosehip, rutin…). Anyone with kidney issues should avoid this vitamin supplement.

4/ Take a good pro-biotic. We cannot get enough from yogurt to make a real differnece. This supplement is especially beneficial for those with sinus issues. If you do suffer from sinus issues and/or allergies, you should not live without a nedi pot!!

5/ Eat whole, unprocessed food, drink pure clean water, get adequate exercise, and make smiling, laughing and loving a regular part of every day!

Always check with your MD or pharmacist to be sure there will be no contra-indications with other meds you are  on.

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