If you are stressed about eating and weight gain over the holidays, make your objective to maintain your weight. This is a great achievement for the busy, food filled, Christmas and New Years events!

  • Don’t go to a party hungry: It is wise to “save up”: when you know you are going to a party where irresistible foods will tempt you. Have your usual breakfast. Have vegetables and lean protein for lunch (no starch, no fat). We often eat faster and more when we are  hungry, so you may even need a small salad, some raw veg or veg soup before heading out!
  • Watch your portion sizes: Go for small portions. This way you can sample all the different foods. Moderation is always the key. If you have many events to attend, choose the ones that you are going to indulge a little more at, you cannot indulge at every one and not gain weight!
  • Make a conscious choice to go higher carb OR higher fat: Knowing what to expect at a party can help you set up your day. The worst thing you can do is eat BOTH too many foods rich in carbohydrate, AND too many high fat foods! So, its either the fat or the sugar/starch. Make the choice and stick to it. If you weaken, make up for it the next day by staying low fat and low carb, and getting some extra exercise.
  • Alcohol: Wine, Bloody Marys/Caesars or spirits with water or club soda, which have fewer calories. Avoid liqueurs, pop and fruit juice. Remember: Calories from alcohol tend to be stored in the abdomen. People who are overweight actually gain weight more easily when they consume alcohol.
  • Drink plenty of water: Alcohol and coffee can dehydrate your body. Try to remember to drink enough water, which can be soda water with lemon or herbal teas to make it more interesting!
  • Physical activity: Be sure to get an adequate amount of activity. If you were already in an exercise routine, stick to it. If you are finding it difficult to find the time, plan time. You may get a little less than usual in, but some is better than none! If you were not in a solid routine, be active by taking nice brisk walks! It is a great idea to get some good exercise in on a day you KNOW you are going somewhere that you will likely be off track. This will get your metabolism up so that you burn more calories, those extra ones that you will be eating, or drinking! If you know there will be dancing at a party, make sure to partake, this is a huge bonus!!


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