Turkey Dinner

Turkey – lean protein, roasted, so no problems here!

Stuffing – make it healthier by using sprouted grain bread (Silver Hills). To make breadcrumbs, simply gradually add pieces of bread to blender. Let sit in open air until dried out. Add seasonings etc as you normally would.

Cranberry Sauce – use ½ the sugar and add stevia to desired sweetness, cutting the carbohydrate content in half!

Gravy – not much fat in turkey juices, but you can skim off any fat that is there. Pour juices in a clear pitcher/container. Fat will rise to the top. Thicken with a mixture of wheat or chickpea flour.

Starch – remember that sweet and white potato, squash and stuffing are all starches, so try to have only 2 choices here. If the stuffing is a must, choose from white or sweet potato and squash.

Vegetables –  try to have as much green as yellow and orange vegetable. You may like carrot, turnip and green beans or broccoli for example.

Dessert –  Do you really need it? This is always a large meal that all are quite adequately stuffed afterwards. If you must, go for a low fat trifle, or a crustless pumpkin flan or pudding. Even easier would be fresh fruit with soft cheese.


Leftovers – use leftover turkey wisely by making pot pies, soup, Divan and even saving some for salad. Hot turkey sandwiches on Silver Hills are great as well, but don’t have potatoes as this will double your starch intake!

If you are on a low carb plan: NO stuffing, NO potato or squash, thicken gravy with Guar or xanthan gum, and green veg, cauliflower and/or turnip only. Also, sorry, but no dessert! Unless you have decided to take the day off!!Cranberries should be sweetened with stevia only. You may have extra turkey! J

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