Month: March 2017

  • Lemon Fish “Picatta”

    (Recipe for 2 servings)   Ingredient Amount Haddock, cod or hake, raw 16 ounces flour, sprouted 1/3 cup Salt, table 1/2 tsp Oil, olive 1 tbsp Bouillon, chicken 3/4 cup Juice, lemon Capers 3 tbsps ¼ cup   Directions Mix flour and salt. Rinse fish in water and pat dry with paper towel. Dredge fish […]

  • The Dirty Dozen Food Additives to Avoid at All Costs

      By: Michelle Schoffro Cook   When you consider the 5,000 additives actually added to food along with the additional 5,000 that leech into food from packaging, we are regularly exposed to 10,000 food additives in the US—the bulk of which have never undergone any safety testing. And, almost none have been tested for the way in which […]