Services at Lifewise Weight Management & Wellness Centre include Nutritional and Exercise Consultations, Hair Mineral/Toxin Analysis, Detox program, Nutritional Symptomatology,  and DNA testing for Nutrition, Fertility and exercise.

The Lifewise Weight Loss Program teaches lifestyle modification. Working with food groups, clients learn balance of lifestyle through lifestyle modification. After getting set up with their personal program, including menu plan, recipes, grocery list, they commence weekly one on one appointments where they learn to practice healthy, well balanced eating with no pills or strange foods. The program is very structured, catering to individual needs and health requirements. Exercise programs will be given on request.
A free consultation is offered for those interested in weight loss.

All programs are prepared and delivered by Alison Shields R.H.N.(owner/counselor), who is a Certified Fitness Instuctor, Certified Symptomatologist, has a Bachelor of Commerce degree, and is a Holistic Wellness Practitioner.

Lifewise is a locally owned and operated business that Islanders have trusted since 1997!

Services at Lifewise are covered by most private health care programs.


Call us at 902-892-3936 or EMAIL today for your

FREE Weight Loss Program Consultation



Thank You for contacting Lifewise. I will respond to your email as soon as possible.

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