Exercise and Stretching

Posture exercises for 10 minutes to improve round shoulders and hunched back.

Mens workout; good for us women too!

Strengthen and Stretch hips and core. This 10 minute yoga sequence is very effective.

9 move ab workout. This routine will take you about 5 minutes; gotta do an ab routine daily!

10 minute abs is a highly effective routine.

10 minute vinyassa flow is a gentle flow that stretches and twists your whole body. A great start to the day, or stress release at the end of your day!

Kneeling Hip Flexor stretch is excellent for realigning the hip flexor. Do this daily if you are having problems with your hip flexor. Remember that a tight hip flexor will cause lower back pain!

10 minute yoga for back and hips is simple and a must for anyone with hip issues.

Stretches for the upper and lower back for anyone experiencing lower or back pain. Great to do if you sit alot!

SI joint exercises stretches muscles around the hip area.

Butt and Hip toning workout, without a doubt the best glute workout I have found!

Pelvic Alignment to help get rid of SI joint pain.

5 minute arms tones biceps and triceps. You will FEEL this one! Only 5 minutes folks!

Arms and Abs gets both at once, and takes only  10 minutes!

9 minutes Obliques/Abs is a just do it workout!! 🙂

Stretch for back, hip and leg pain, including sciatica. This is a beginners video, so all can try it.

Pilates core and thigh is an excellent gentle workout, about 12 minutes!

Standing Ab workout is fantastic quick and highly effective! Works more then just your abs!

Seated Upper body Toning:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E188slxISG8

5 minute lunge and squat workout 

Gentle, toning with a touch of cardio. Do it all or start with just the first sequence!

10 minute workouts, do 1 or do 5, but at least do one!