Free Consultation

Free Weight Loss Program Consultation

If you are interested in a weight loss program, your first step is to email or call 902.892.3936 to book your initial
30-minute FREE consultation

This consultation is for information purposes only.
There is absolutely NO OBLIGATION.

You will be asked to fill out a Personal Information Sheet. This is necessary for us to evaluate your lifestyle and provides information needed to perform the Computerized Body Composition Analysis, and later, construct your personalized program. It is kept confidential.

We then proceed with the Body Composition Analysis. This will tell us, within 2% accuracy, the number of pounds of lean body mass, pounds of fat, and total liters of body fluid. This information is invaluable in determining your goal weight range, and will allow us to determine the amount of fat you need to shed in order to get within your goal weight range.

Throughout we explain the program. There are no pills, no magical chemical combinations, etc. It involves lifestyle modification, real grocery store food, consistent eating patterns, water drinking and any additional supplementation to keep your body in healthy balance. Those who are interested in exercise will also receive counseling in this area.

You will then know exactly where you are at, where you should be! We discuss your options as far as program length and cost, and the decision is yours to make!

In order that your Body Composition Analysis be as accurate as possible we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Women should preferably be at least 5 days away from starting menstruation.
  2. NO FOOD or DRINK for 4 HOURS prior to appointment – can have a little water if thirsty.
  3. NO ALCOHOL or EXERCISE for 12 HOURS prior to appointment

Phone: 902.892.3936      OR   email