LIFEWISE Online Weight Management Program

Lifewise is now offering  an online weight management program option. Recommended structure is 1 monthly visit, and 3 internet appointments a month. For those not living on PE, total program can be done by internet.

Set up                                                     125.00

Email/internet appointment          15.00

In office visit  :

15 minutes                                         25.00

30 minutes                                         40.00

All prices include HST

Weekly in office visits can be after any number of weeks, depending on your needs/discipline/success and where you live. You may not do personal appointments at all.

email: to schedule a first free consult .

What you will get:

Onset:Custom made menu plan (not computer generated). All plans are made according to your likes, dislikes, lifestyle, health requirements and health concerns/ailments.

Recipes and grocery lists, motivation articles, attitude articles and healthy diet related information.

Weekly: Pertinent to you articles to read, new recipes, feedback on your submitted food log for the week, recording of your weight, and most importantly, ACCOUNTABILITY!


Body weight scale (Weight Watchers or higher end Health-o-meter)

Computer, printer, scanner or smart phone

1 lb food scale

The desire to be healthier ! for more information, or to schedule on online consultation. Alternatively, you may fill in the following form and I will get back to you.