Hair Analysis

Hair Mineral and Toxin Analysis Primer – Cell Level Information

What is a Hair Analysis?

A hair mineral analysis gives an accurate, long-range view of the minerals crucial to the function of every organ, gland and structural system in the body. Minerals are the source of life, energy production and health since we are literally made of dust.

For instance, did you know that Copper is necessary to formulate estrogen? That Zinc is needed to produce and release the hormones that give one energy and endurance under stress? That heart attacks can usually be linked with a major imbalance in the ratio of Calcium and Magnesium in the body?

Well, these and many more facts about minerals make them worth their weight in gold for our health. Yet, one of the most dangerous moves a person can make is to take one or two minerals alone for any length of time. The minerals all work together and require balance, for too much of a good thing is often worse than the deficiency you are trying to correct.

This is why a hair mineral analysis is so beneficial. You can get an initial reading on your health and then monitor your progress with periodic retest and adjust your intake of supplements accordingly.

Why Hair Analysis?

A hair analysis will take you on a tour inside your cells to the site where metabolism takes place. There you will be able to see:

1 – TOXIC METALS such as lead, iron, aluminum & copper. These contribute to many conditions such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and depression. Depending on what metal it is and where you are being exposed, you may need to make dietary changes, have your water checked or get rid of the aluminum pans.
Did you know that hair is so reliable a resource that when tests on strands of hair supposedly taken from Napoleon’s body immediately after his death his hair was tested and arsenic was found in the sample. Apparently his mysterious illness was caused by his captors slowly feeding it to him.

2 – ORGAN & GLAND ACTIVITY may be calculated since certain minerals and their ratios correlate with the activity of your organs and glands.

3 – UNDERSTANDING OF PERSONALITY AND BEHAVIOR becomes possible considering the role nutritional imbalances have on body chemistry. Few avenues exist which can predict, explain and suggest nutritional solutions to depression, anxiety, phobias, insomnia, spaciness and hyperactivity. Hair analysis, properly interpreted, is one.

4 – ASSESSMENT OF THE BODY’S ENERGY SYSTEM, which is essential for health and well-being, is possible since specific minerals such as manganese and magnesium are required for energy production, determining the quantities of these minerals will provide information on individual energy output.

Hair analysis can be used to assess the efficiency of the energy system of the body including sugar and acid cycles. In fact, it reveals increased sugar intake immediately. One client was very surprised when his re-test (second or third test) came with an admonition to “leave the sugar alone.” He was surprised and wanted to know how the doctor knew he’d been sitting in front of the TV eating all the 1/2 price Halloween candy his wife had bought!

Why Not Depend On Blood Tests?

The nature of the bloodstream is one of balance. It is absolutely essential for the blood to get rid of toxins immediately, even if it cannot excrete them. Therefore, organs, glands, tissues, even bones become toxic waste dumps.

Depending on the concentration and the mineral, this “dumping” can take mere minutes to several days. Thereafter, no trace will be found in the blood. In fact, your blood is so efficient in maintaining balance that it will reveal different minerals and hormones when you first wake up than after that harrowing drive to the doctor’s office and different even again by the time you finally see the doctor.

This means that blood tests give you a “right now” analysis. Hair analysis tells you what’s been going on in the cells for the last 1-1/2 to 2 months.

What Type of Hair is Tested and How?

The Hair Analysis, or more accurately, Tissue Mineral Analysis is performed by clipping a sample of hair. The lab I work with recommends the hair at the back of the head between the nape and the crown as the first choice since it grows more evenly.

However, if it is not available, other body hair including arm, leg or pubic hair may be cut (don’t shave because skin particles would contaminate the test). Once the sample reaches the lab, it is dissolved in acid so that only the minerals and metals are left. Thereafter it is tested by a computer-controlled machine called a spectrometer. Each test is quality-controlled by comparing the reported concentration of a government certified sample with the machine’s results. If there’s any discrepancy, they repeat the whole process.

Is It Accurate and Reliable?

If you follow the guidelines mentioned above and have a reputable company running the test, you can be reasonably sure of the test’s accuracy. Note: Some companies have an unfortunate habit of “washing” the hair once it reaches the lab. As I mentioned before, this washes away most of the water-soluble minerals and thus alters the test.

The proof comes in trying it. Many of our clients have been amazed at how accurately their current health problems are noted and their reasons explained. Some have cried because, “For the first time, someone understands that it’s not ‘just all in my head.'” This is more convincing than any words I can say.

Considerations for Accuracy

  • We need hair growth close to the scalp, about 1 inch in length.
  • Hair must be free of chemicals.
  • Hair must not be colored or permed for 6 weeks – 3 months, depending on rate of growth.

We will take the required amount of hair in our office. Those who color there hair may want to ask their hairdresser to not color a portion of the roots in a small area at the back of the head near the neck.

Results and recommendations are available 2-4 weeks from date of initiation.
Cost is $100 including GST.


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