Our Story

The Lifewise Weight Management Centre began in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island in December 1997. The program combines sound nutrition and behavior modification to affect a healthy rate of weight loss and an overall improvement in body composition. Lifewise has since expanded services to include Nutritional Consultations, exercise/nutrition programs, DNA testing for Nutrition and 1 hour consultations.

We have an excellent track record, with success being experienced by 98% of our clientele, and over 85% maintaining their healthy weight loss and new lifestyle!

Lifewise Holistic Wellness Practitioner

Alison Shields is the founder of Lifewise. She received the designation “R.H.N.” at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Alison has her certification in Nutritional Symptomology, Hair Analysis Interpretation and Protocol, is a Certified Fitness Instructor, and has a Bachelor of Commerce degree. She is also certified in the Hanna Kroeger healing technique.

Alison is highly qualified in not only counseling individuals in weight loss and nutrition, but also in educating them properly so that they learn how to adhere to their new healthy lifestyle and maintain the goals they reach.

Our Philosophy

The centre maintains the philosophies of Holistic Nutrition. This philosophy is that of looking at the body as whole, not the sum of its parts, and that of natural nutrients. The properties of natural nutrients are best described as live, natural and good quality. These simple words can serve as a guide to everyone who wishes to improve his/her health.

Awareness and understanding of the simplicity of our nutritional needs will inevitably lead to individual and collective good health. Holistic nutrition views nutrition as a tool to create our own immunity and overall good health. It is preventative, and, in some cases, can be curative.

It is clear that there is no one diet that is right for everyone all of the time; neither are there miracle nutrients or herbs that will cure all ills or affect healthy weight loss. Each person is unique, and we must each learn what is good for us.

Lifewise begins this process of learning. We address the unique needs of each individual to achieve healthy body weight, overall physiological balance( homeostasis).

“The road to better health will not be found through more drugs, doctors and hospitals. Instead, it will be discovered through better nutrition and changes in lifestyle.”

William Crook, MD

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