Price Structure


First Consultation free
$125 Program Preparation and Subsequent 30 minute set up appointment (paid at first consult)
$150 First 6 weekly appointments (to be paid at program setup)
$25 per weekly appointment ( # weeks determined by amount of weight to be lost). These are purchased in groups of 4 or more, after the first 6 weeks have been used.
$25 per maintenance appointment (may be monthly, bi-monthly etc, once healthy weight is achieved)
$100 includes menu planning, recipes, pertinent reading material, supplement recommendations, exercise recommendations
$30 Done by electrolipograph analysis. Find out # pounds fat and lean body mass within 2% accuracy.

Debit and Credit Cards accepted

Call 902.892.3936 or EMAILto book your FREE 30 minute consultation


2 responses to “Price Structure

  1. Gail MacNeill

    I was hoping to book an appointment with Allison shields, she was highly recommended.

  2. Krista Mutch

    Hi, I am looking to set up an appointment with a nutritionist. I am not looking to lose weight (I already did that). I am looking with help to develop a healthy and manageable diet (eating plan) as I have some allergies and other food restrictions that are making it difficult for me to develop and maintain healthy eating habits. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

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