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  • Random Interesting Info

    1/ CORN ON THE COB: most corn is genetically modified and highly sprayed. Please try to get clean local corn. One med/large cob provides 1 starch and 1 veg. 2/Have PARSLEY in your garden?? If not, grow it next year. Not only is it natures mouthwash, the chlorophyll is also alkalizing for your body, a […]

  • The Case against Meat

      Our new Food Guide is here, with profound changes. We are finally being asked/educated/made aware of the harmful effects that eating animals has on both our health, and our planet. Here are a few, in summary: The environmental impact is huge Livestock farming has a vast environmental footprint. It contributes to land and water degradation, […]


    2018: MAKE COMMITMENTS NOT RESOLUTIONS!   Decide to make this your year; commit to a lifelong healthy lifestyle! Here are some tips to help with your commitment: 1/ I will do something active every day. 2/ I will ALWAYS eat a healthy breakfast (or drink a shake). 3/ I will plan ahead and be organized […]

  • Lemon Fish “Picatta”

    (Recipe for 2 servings)   Ingredient Amount Haddock, cod or hake, raw 16 ounces flour, sprouted 1/3 cup Salt, table 1/2 tsp Oil, olive 1 tbsp Bouillon, chicken 3/4 cup Juice, lemon Capers 3 tbsps ¼ cup   Directions Mix flour and salt. Rinse fish in water and pat dry with paper towel. Dredge fish […]

  • The Dirty Dozen Food Additives to Avoid at All Costs

      By: Michelle Schoffro Cook   When you consider the 5,000 additives actually added to food along with the additional 5,000 that leech into food from packaging, we are regularly exposed to 10,000 food additives in the US—the bulk of which have never undergone any safety testing. And, almost none have been tested for the way in which […]


    Planning meals is crucial to healthy eating. It does not have to be a multi ingredient recipe or anything high maintenance. No matter how easy the meal, it must be thought of in advance; you need to take something out of the freezer, and also need to be sure you have the starch and veg […]


    Turkey Dinner Turkey – lean protein, roasted, so no problems here! Stuffing – make it healthier by using sprouted grain bread (Silver Hills). To make breadcrumbs, simply gradually add pieces of bread to blender. Let sit in open air until dried out. Add seasonings etc as you normally would. Cranberry Sauce – use ½ the […]

  • Health Tips and Tricks!

    *Curcumin, the plant chemical that colors turmeric, helps block plaque related blockages in the brain that lead to Alzheimer’s. Do like they do in India, use turmeric like salt! *The presence of a worm (or worm hole) in an apple ensures the lack of pesticides used! * One tsp of thyme has as much antioxidant […]


    If you are stressed about eating and weight gain over the holidays, make your objective to maintain your weight. This is a great achievement for the busy, food filled, Christmas and New Years events! Don’t go to a party hungry: It is wise to “save up”: when you know you are going to a party […]


    Coffee and Tea: In general, caffeinated coffee and tea are not healthy. In moderation (1-2 cups/day) they are just ok. Many people enjoy a good cup of coffee r tea in the morning. Choose a good Fair Trade Organic coffee and you are better off. For tea, Earl Grey ahs the most healthy properties of […]