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    Coffee and Tea: In general, caffeinated coffee and tea are not healthy. In moderation (1-2 cups/day) they are just ok. Many people enjoy a good cup of coffee r tea in the morning. Choose a good Fair Trade Organic coffee and you are better off. For tea, Earl Grey ahs the most healthy properties of […]


    Use honey for all of your sweetening. Do not touch artificial sweeteners or sugar (natural or not). 1 teaspoon of honey is only 15 calories, and full of health benefits. Read on and you will be sold! When we look at the word “raw”, we associate it with the preservation of important vitamins, minerals and […]

  • Brussells Sprouts Chips

    Surprisingly delicious…you don’t have to like Brussells Sprouts to like these! Same thing can be done with Kale, which can now be purchased ready to go (President’s Choice Organics)   Brussels Sprout Chips 2 cups fresh brussels sprouts leaves (outer leaves from about 2 pounds of sprouts) 1 1/2 tablespoons olive or melted coconut  oil […]

  • Dry Skin Brushing

    The largest organ in the body, the skin plays a huge role in detoxification and elimination. Dry skin brushing helps to keep the pores in your skin open and thus encourages the elimination of toxins and other metabolic waste products. Dry skin brushing also improves the surface circulation of blood and lymph. This results in a stronger immune system and […]

  • Motivation- Anything is possible!

    Whether you have given up on yourself or think you are too far gone to accomplish a healthy weight, you need to watch this video; if he can do it, you can! For the rest of us, this video just gives us a little more motivation….a must see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbVpCc_r9Sw

  • 23 and 1/2 hours: What is the single best thing we can do for our health?

    Watch this short and sweet video, an eye opener!!

  • Self Talk for Self Sabotage

      No One is perfect. There will always be times of moderate to extreme temptation. If we give in to this temptation, we can save the day by balancing out at other meals the extra food group we have consumed.   We should, however, always try to NOT give in. Here are a number of […]

  • Boost Your Immunity

    Cold and flu season ARE here! There a number of things we can all do to boost our immunity: 1/ Take vitamin D, no ifs, and or buts! Vitamin D3 has many benefits, the most profound being its effectiveness at boosting our immune systems. Available in drop or pill form, take a minimum of 1000 […]

  • Fun Fat Facts…and a little Motivation!

    There is as much fat in one doughnut as there is in 12 angel food cakes!  If you choose to eat one measly apple turnover you’ll be choosing 17 grams of fat, the equivalent of eating 17 cups of spaghetti! Reducing caloric intake too unrealistically low targets means that you’re not getting the nutrients your […]

  • Thanks and kudos to Alison at LifeWise, for helping me lose the extra weight I had gained in my mid 50s.   Prior to meeting with Alison, I had tried different programs but nothing worked.  She made it simple, teaching me to track my daily protein, starch, dairy, fruit and veggie intake.  This has now become second nature to me and my weight […]