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  • Random Interesting Info

    1/ CORN ON THE COB: most corn is genetically modified and highly sprayed. Please try to get clean local corn. One med/large cob provides 1 starch and 1 veg. 2/Have PARSLEY in your garden?? If not, grow it next year. Not only is it natures mouthwash, the chlorophyll is also alkalizing for your body, a […]


    2018: MAKE COMMITMENTS NOT RESOLUTIONS!   Decide to make this your year; commit to a lifelong healthy lifestyle! Here are some tips to help with your commitment: 1/ I will do something active every day. 2/ I will ALWAYS eat a healthy breakfast (or drink a shake). 3/ I will plan ahead and be organized […]


    Planning meals is crucial to healthy eating. It does not have to be a multi ingredient recipe or anything high maintenance. No matter how easy the meal, it must be thought of in advance; you need to take something out of the freezer, and also need to be sure you have the starch and veg […]

  • Zucchini Blueberry Muffins-12

      Ingredient Amount Cereal, oatmeal, dry, uncooked 1 cup flour, sprouted 1 cup Baking powder 3 tsps Cinnamon, ground 1 tsp Purvia OR OTHER HEALTHY SWEETENER 1/4 cup Squash, zucchini, with skin, grated 1 cup Oil, olive 1 tbsp Eggs, raw 1 egg milk, almond, unsweetened 1 cup Blueberries, raw 1 cup   Directions Preheat […]

  • Vitamin D- More then the obvious

    We know that vitamin D is crucial for bone health, immunity, weight loss and more…. deficiencies can wreak havoc. Further studies now conclude that it is beneficial in treating depression and anxiety. Click on the link to be directed to an article by Dr Mercola that will explain this in detail: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2014/08/21/vitamin-d-depression-dementia.aspx?e_cid=20140821Z1_DNL_art_1&utm_source=dnl&utm_medium=email&utm_content=art1&utm_campaign=20140821Z1&et_cid=DM54156&et_rid=630035275

  • Price Structure

    FULL SERVICE WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM First Consultation free $125 Program Preparation and Subsequent 30 minute set up appointment (paid at first consult) $150 First 6 weekly appointments (to be paid at program setup) $25 per weekly appointment ( # weeks determined by amount of weight to be lost). These are purchased in groups of 4 […]

  • 100 Calorie Snacks

    We all like to nibble a bit at night; not because we are hungry, but usually because we just want to! Here are some ideas to keep those snacks to a healthy limit! 100 Calorie Snacks BEST 100 grams flavored greek yogurt 2/3 c Plain 0-2% Greek yogurt 1 oz light cheese 10 brown rice […]

  • Brussells Sprouts Chips

    Surprisingly delicious…you don’t have to like Brussells Sprouts to like these! Same thing can be done with Kale, which can now be purchased ready to go (President’s Choice Organics)   Brussels Sprout Chips 2 cups fresh brussels sprouts leaves (outer leaves from about 2 pounds of sprouts) 1 1/2 tablespoons olive or melted coconut  oil […]

  • Dry Skin Brushing

    The largest organ in the body, the skin plays a huge role in detoxification and elimination. Dry skin brushing helps to keep the pores in your skin open and thus encourages the elimination of toxins and other metabolic waste products. Dry skin brushing also improves the surface circulation of blood and lymph. This results in a stronger immune system and […]

  • Self Talk for Self Sabotage

      No One is perfect. There will always be times of moderate to extreme temptation. If we give in to this temptation, we can save the day by balancing out at other meals the extra food group we have consumed.   We should, however, always try to NOT give in. Here are a number of […]