What people are saying about Lifewise:

A huge thanks to Alison for getting my husband and I on board to healthy eating. We have enjoyed the huge amount of info she has provided to help us eat healthy. All this information has opened our eyes to everything we put in our mouths. Unbelievable what we can do to our bodies by not knowing and understanding the healthy way to living. Thank you Alison and we can only hope that many more people will jump on board to eat healthy and above all feel healthy.😊

When a friend mentioned she was going to see Alison and suggested I check out the Lifewise program, I dismissed the advice at first. I always thought I knew what and how much to eat, and that it was just a matter of me acquiring some will power. Eventually, however, I took my friend’s advice and went to see Alison and I’m so glad I did! I came to realize how much I didn’t know about nutrition and Alison helped me transition to a way of eating that gave me more energy and saw me lose pounds I’d been carrying around for too long! I highly recommend a visit to Lifewise!

Shannon Courtney

I am eating healthier than I ever have in my life! I have more energy, and my weight loss is slow, consistent and sustainable- which is perfect because I’m into being healthy for the long haul.

Dan Viau

After visiting a dietician, and looking into various weight loss programs,  which are mostly gimmicks sold by sales clerks who are not qualified in nutrition, I opted to try Alison’s  Lifewise program.

The main reason was the qualifications of Alison, and the fact that she works with the foods I like; tries to build a menu plan that does not severely alter my tastes. The result has been positive. I have lost over 40 pounds and feel better then I have in years.

Keith Cooper

I think your program is a good one because it is basically healthy eating and learning how to take care of oneself. You are a very knowledgeable lady. Thank You!


I have tried several weight management programs over the years. The most effective, long lasting, and the one that makes me feel and look healthier, is Lifewise. I know what choices to make now that I have followed the program and taken Alison’s advice!

Joy MacFarlane

My journey with weight has been throughout my life, starting in my teens. I have tried everything and Lifewise has also been a struggle. It is not with the weight,  but with making  the lifestyle change.

It is working for me, even if my weight has been up and down for the past year. I have kept 10 lbs off as a result of  my changed lifestyle and learining the knowledge Alison has equipped me with; knowing what I put in my body.

Alison is encouraging, knowledgeable, and won’t let me give up on myself!


I highly recommend Alison Shields as a resource of knowledge not only for those who wish to loose weight, but also, for those with medical conditions and wish to gain! She changed my life!

Kristin Santos

Lifewise has been effective for me – even with potential thyroid issues. Recipes are delicious too!

Ellen MacPhail

I’m so glad I did this. I have lost 25 lbs and feel like I got “me” back. I wish I would have done it years ago but better late than never!  Thanks Alison for the guidance!”


“A great experience. For the first time in my life weight has been an issue. I have learnt that I feel A LOT better by eating the right things and this made me realize that I can survive by eating much less starch and snacking on the right things. I will work hard at this and consider it to be a lifelong journey of eating well and feeling better.”

“I appreciateLifewise. 50 lbs and 55.5 inches off. I eat healthy and feel great.. My lost self esteem has been found!”

“The weight loss has been fantastic. I learnt things about food that I didn’t know and at my age I should have known!  Alison is very informative and supportive. I couldn’t have done it without her. 30 lbs+ off!”
Linda G

“I found the Lifewise Program very interesting and easily achievable. Alison provided tons of information and support throughout the process. I have achieved my goal weight and would very much recommend the Lifewise Program. ”
Age: 44

“Alison is great, she designed a meal plan tailored just for me with my likes and dislikes including the fact I hated salad (at the time)!  She helped me learn how to enjoy new healthy foods.  I actually crave the crunch and taste of vegetables now instead of all the bad things I was eating before!  I used to be an out of the freezer and into the oven, fast food kind of person with a very very busy life and really never cooked. Alison answered my many many questions promptly and really supported me to get me to where I am now.  45 pounds lighter, from a size 12 to a size 2 and it feels GREAT!  If I can do it ANYONE can!!”
Age: 42

“Lifewise saved my life… simple as that!!! At over 500 lbs, I got winded walking across the room – now I run up stairs. I’m doing things that I only dreamt about before. I am living!”

“My self-esteem has increased as my weight decreased. The inches are coming off and I actually have energy to play with my children. Thanks, Lifewise!”
Age: 32

“I feel great. I look great. I’m the healthiest I’ve been in years. I’ve taken off 28 pounds and 34.5 inches overall. I am noticably slimmer and everyone notices. I can now control what I eat. It’s time for me to buy new clothes in smaller sizes. I never thought I would be able to say that.”
Age: 40

“My legs are gaining back their strength and I can now walk any distance without my legs feeling tired. My breathing has improved and I am building up my stamina for exercise more quickly than I hoped. Generally I feel much better. Thank you from a very pleased customer in Summerside.”
Age: 62

“I have decreased my body fat from 32.8% to 24% of my total body weight. Both my cholesterol and blood pressure have dropped to normal levels. Thanks Lifewise… you’ve taught me a whole new healthy lifestyle that I will keep forever!” – A very pleased customer.
Age: 45

“Not only did I lose 40 pounds in four months, my wife lost 22 pounds without being on the program… simply by adopting the healthy eating habits prescribed to me by Lifewise.” – From a happy couple.
Age: 32

“Lifewise offers sensible strategies for weight loss and healthy eating. The personalized counseling is positive and supportive. Clients receive individualized programs that really work.”


Lifewise Works! I lost 23 pounds in 4 months and that included over the Christmas Holidays. Most of you know how difficult that is. I never felt hungry or deprived. I tried other programs that did not work nearly as well and I think it is due in part to the personal interest, care and coaching that was given to me.

Age: 55

The LIFEWISE program is easy to follow and a real learning experience. You not only lose weight but you gain the tools needed to maintain your weight loss and feel great. I highly recommend it to anyone!!!
Age: 37

My experience with Lifewise was such a wonderful one. My program lasted for only seven weeks and for the first time in my life I didn’t feel ‘fat’. I went from being obsessed about my weight and weighing myself at least three times a day to learning that the weight isn’t as important as the percentage of my body fat. Now I only weigh myself once a week. I learned so much about proper eating. It was one of the best things I could have ever done for ME. Thanks Alison!

I lost 50 lbs with Lifewise where other weight management programs came up short. I would not hesitate to recommend the Lifewise Weight Management System to anyone who seriously wants to lose weight.


Much of it is common sense and we all know what we should do but we don’t. Alison is enthusiastic, knowledgable, thorough and creative. She suggested adjustments that suited me and positively encouraged me to make improvements. This is a sensitive issue and she was always respectful. Her humour in dealing with the tough messages makes it easy. I feel so much better with a smaller-sized body and a bigger-sized self-esteem.

I have just completed my maintenance phase with you at Lifewise. I’ve lost the weight I wanted to lose and gained the knowledge of how to maitain a healthy body for the rest of my life. Never have I had more energy or thought that I looked like the image I’ve had in my mind for years. Thanks To You Both.

Through Lifewise, I was motivated by Ms. Shield’s personal interest and sincerity in my overall lifestyle such as maintaining lean muscle, choosing the proper foods for my change in life (menopause) and being aware of the foods that are best for me and most of all; the fabulous great recipes that Lifewise gave me. Through following Lifewise, I enjoyed wearing size 7 pants again and looking great. Thanks again, Lifewise, for all your motivation and caring.

Joining Lifewise has proven to be rewarding for me. I have not only reached my goal weight – I have surpassed it. I’ve never felt better and it is such an easy program to follow. I would recommend anyone who would like to shed some unwanted pounds or to even get into better eating habits to join Lifewise. The Consultants are experienced and are beneficial in keeping you on track… even when you drift off the path from time to time. Their positive influence is crucial to not only reaching your goal weight but to also maintaining it. Thank you Lifewise.


It is very easy to lose weight with any weight loss diet. The real issue is being able to change your lifestyle to not only lose the weight but to eat healthier and keep the weight off. This program teaches you how to eat properly and motivates you to continue with the program for the rest of your life. Oh yes – you can cheat once in a while but you always know when you cheat and know that you have to make up for the sins of the stomach.

The Lifewise Program works for me!!! I had tried low calorie diets, Nutri-System, Dietitians and even hypnosis. Nothing had worked for me before! I felt nothing ever would! I became aware of the Lifewise Program through a co-worker. When I was ready to join the program, I went for my free consultation and started the program the next week. The biggest surprise to me was I wasn’t hungry. I was eating real food on a regular basis. I had never taken this approach before. I never usually ate until noon and as a consequence would eat late into the night. Now, I wake up looking forward to eating a nutritious breakfast. I prepare the meals and the program has taught me to be aware of ingredients, portion sizes and proper balance of food types. I hadn’t realized what a difference it had made for me until I tried on my winter clothes after a few months on the program. They were huge!!! I could fold them over. What a feeling!!!! Now if I have a bad day, I try on a pair of my “big” pants and any urge to eat disappears. This real life approach is working for me. The Lifewise counselors are very encouraging and supportive and I highly recommend the Lifewise Program.


My husband John and I “discovered” Alison Shields and the Lifewise program on a recommendation from our 23 year old daughter. We felt the wonderful results she achieved were mainly attributable to the fact that she was young and hadn’t had too much weight to lose to begin with. However, after strong assurances that Allison was ‘awesome’ and that we too could reap the benefits of following the ‘Plan’ we agreed to give it a try. Right from our first assessment by the very professional ‘Awesome Alison,’ we were encouraged that we COULD DO IT!! This time our weight loss attempt would be successful where many other diets had failed us. We began the program June 29th and struggled for the first two weeks trying to balance our goals, preparing things we could eat at work, and drinking ALL THAT WATER!! John, whose goal was to drop from 240 pounds to 210 was drinking 96 ounces a day and my goal, to drop from 161 to 140 required the intake of 64 ounces of water. The other aspects of the Plan were totally enjoyable. We were never hungry. Alison provided us with lots of options and recipes to maintain our interest and through these very basic measures our weight STEADILY dropped week by week. We even were to the point where drinking the water was not difficult. We noticed many physical improvements with the loss of weight -decreased blood pressure readings, decreased cholesterol levels, more energy, greater exercise tolerance, softer/moister skin and scalp. Of course, people started to notice that we looked thinner even after 1 month. Our first goals were realized before we knew it and we decided we were having so much fun we would continue to follow the Plan and Maintenance to goals previously out of our reach. We will continue on Maintenance for the rest of our lives. We have embraced a healthier lifestyle through Lifewise and do not feel deprived of favorite foods or that we are even following a diet anymore. We simply have learned how to maintain this new lifestyle and are able to accommodate more temporary deviations from our Lifewise program. By 1 December, 1999 John weighed 195 (loss of 45 pounds) and I weigh 129 (loss of 32 pounds). Not bad for only 6 months of following a realistic and healthy program!!! Thanks Lifewise!!!!!


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