Weight Loss Program

The Lifewise Weight Loss Program (covered by most private health insurance):

  • Delivery of a multi-phase Program for weight reduction and maintenance.
  • Nutrition, exercise, behavior modification, and education teaches the client how to attain and maintain a healthy weight.
  • One-on one counseling available on a weekly basis. Individualized support focuses on the clients personal characteristics – age, sex, lifestyle, health status, food preferences, and goals.
  • Individualized weight-loss plans based on client’s age, weight, height, sex, and exercise regimen.
  • Use of advanced technology to measure improvement of overall body composition.
  • Focus on attaining and maintaining a healthy body composition not on achieving a specific weight as measured by a scale.
  • Use of nutritionally-balanced food exchange system.
  • Inclusion of wholesome, natural foods available in grocery stores and restaurants.
  • Emphasis on foods high in fiber and low in fat, refined sugars, and sodium which offer a variety of health benefits in addition to weight loss.
  • Interaction with the client’s personal physician when needed.
  • Updating of Program based on current scientific data.
  • Guidance by trained, dedicated, committed Counselors.

Features of our Full Service Program

Individual, Confidential One-on-One Counselling

  • Trained, supportive, motivating counselling.
  • All aspects of the program are fully explained; the client understands why he/she is doing what they are doing.
  • Accountability; having someone to answer to.
  • Weekly consultations; keeps the client on track at all times.
  • Counsellor is available to the client; extra support may be required.

Real Grocery Store Food

  • No pre-packaged foods or magical chemical combinations.
  • Improved health and body composition is obtained through regular grocery store and restaurant food.
  • The client learns how to eat thus can continue doing so once program is completed.

Client Responsibility

  • Client learns skills to maintain a healthier lifestyle away from LIFEWISE…. and therefore maintain their new healthy weight!

Monitoring Your Progress

Electrolipograph Analysis (ELG) – On the initial visit, an ELG is performed to determine % lean and % fat body mass. This bio-impedence method is accurate within 2%. ELG’s are performed at 5-10lb intervals to ensure that weight is being lost from fat rather than lean body mass.

The Scale – An average of 1.5 – 4lbs per week is lost. Anymore than this would be a loss of lean body mass which would quickly come back once intake was increased.

Tape Measure – Client is measured at onset of program and again every 5-10 pound interval. We measure from upper arm to calf. Adding these inches up, about 1 inch per pound lost. One gets great satisfaction seeing those inches fall off the waist line…or hips!

The Four “Stages”

Stage One

Introductory – Simple, start up plan, based on client’s lifestyle, likes and dislikes. Client learns portion sizes, food groups and eating on schedule. Lasts 7-14 days.

Stage Two

Intermediate Plan – Where the client is given more choices but still follows a menu plan. Intro to one-pot meals and restaurant dining. More choices but not TOO much freedom.

Stage Three

Advanced Plan – The client is given extended food lists and food logs. In this stage, he/she chooses his own foods and logs them to ensure he is getting required food groups, calories and nutrition.

Stage Four

Maintenance – Once goal weight has been achieved, maintenance options are discussed and a maintenance plan is set in place.


Call 902.892.3936 OR  email info@lifewiseforever.ca for more information or to book your FREE 30 minute consultation!



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