Weight Loss Program

The Lifewise Weight Loss Program :

  • Delivery of a personally designed Program for weight reduction and maintenance.
  • Nutrition, exercise, behavior modification, and education teaches the client how to attain and maintain a healthy weight.
  • One-on one counseling available on a weekly basis. Individualized support focuses on the clients personal characteristics – age, sex, lifestyle, health status, food preferences, and goals.
  • Individualized weight-loss plans based on client’s age, weight, height, sex, and exercise regimen.
  • Use of nutritionally-balanced food exchange system.
  • Inclusion of wholesome, natural foods available in grocery stores and restaurants.
  • Emphasis on foods high in fiber and low in fat, refined sugars, and sodium which offer a variety of health benefits in addition to weight loss.
  • Interaction with the client’s personal physician when needed.
  • Updating of Program based on current scientific data.
  • Guidance by trained, dedicated, committed Counselors.

Features of our Full Service Program

Individual, Confidential One-on-One Counselling

  • Trained, supportive, motivating counselling.
  • All aspects of the program are fully explained; the client understands why he/she is doing what they are doing.
  • Accountability; having someone to answer to.
  • Weekly consultations; keeps the client on track at all times.
  • Counsellor is available to the client; extra support may be required.

Real Grocery Store Food

  • No pre-packaged foods or magical chemical combinations.
  • Improved health and body composition is obtained through regular grocery store and restaurant food.
  • The client learns how to eat thus can continue doing so once program is completed.

Client Responsibility

  • Client learns skills to maintain a healthier lifestyle away from LIFEWISE…. and therefore maintain their new healthy weight!

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Email:  info@lifewiseforever.com


2 responses to “Weight Loss Program”

  1. Hi Eileen!
    I have transitioned into a virtual practice. You would need a computer/smart phone. Let me know if you are interested in this!

  2. Wondering if you will be open within the next phase of this virus we are going through. Gained some weight over the last two months. Too much sweets and treats Allison. Always had good luck with your program in the past.

    as ever

    Eileen Walsh.

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